One of the questions I never tire of answering is why I wanted to be a Naturopathic Doctor.   I had never even heard of Naturopathic Medicine before my third year at McMaster University.  I thought I was going to continue on in the field of Kinesiology and do my Masters and PhD in exercise physiology.  After meeting an ND at a health fair and doing some research I realized this profession was what I was meant to do. 


There are six guiding principles we have as Naturopathic Doctors and doctor as teacher was why I became an ND. I love being able to talk to patients, understand them and their environment, and educate and motivate them towards balance and healthy living.  Enjoy the collection of newsletters my team and I have put together over the years.  And if you are still craving more, come book a visit to chat, visit the clinic, enjoy these extra articles, and try out these go-to recipes!  

                                                                                                                          ~Dr. Carol 


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