Naturopathic Doctors practice as primary care providers with an emphasis on disease prevention and optimizing wellness.

Naturopathic Medicine works with your body and the healing power of nature to restore optimal health. Although Naturopathic Medicine can be highly effective in the support and treatment of many health concerns and imbalances, it is important to have patience while your body heals, and to recognize that vibrant, sustainable wellness takes time. If you can commit to helping yourself, you will be amazed at the changes and the growth you can accomplish with the help of your ND.

Naturopathic Medicine encompasses many natural healing traditions along with evidence-based medical research. Since Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) take into account the individual when assessing, diagnosing and treating patients, the specific therapies applied vary from

person to person.  Here at Zawada Health your Naturopathic Doctor may use one or a combination of the following treatments:

Nutrition: "You are what you eat". By analyzing your diet, NDs are trained to address areas of deficiency and to find simple, sustainable ways to improve your energy and overall health. By utilizing foods, herbs and supplements you'll discover how wonderful you can feel when you feed your body what it really wants.

Herbal medicine: Using fresh and dried plants and plant extracts and teas, we aid the body in adapting to an ever-changing environment. Prescribed correctly, herbal medicines can restore balance and promote lasting health.

Homeopathic medicine: Using small quantities of substances, homeopathic remedies work on the subtle energetic level to impact not only the physical, but mental and psychological aspects of health as well. Homeopathy helps the body to recognize old patterns that are not working anymore and to target areas that are preventing you from achieving optimal health. Subtle and gentle, this form of medicine has the power to induce long-lasting change and is well-suited for everyone, including pregnant women, babies, elderly, and those who are on many medications.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture: Developed through thousands of years of experience, TCM combines the use of acupuncture, acupressure, cupping and herbal medicine to address physical and mental patterns of imbalance. Moving vital energy or Qi around the body aids in achieving balance and health in not only acute, but chronic ailments as well.

Lifestyle Counseling: Naturopathic Doctors educate patients on the foundations of health.  Diet is always addressed as is sleep hygiene, exercise and stress management.  All parts of the foundation must be explored to understand an individual and restore the body to a place of balance and wellness!


The Qualifications of Naturopathic Doctors

Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) must complete a minimum of seven years of post-secondary education, including four years of training at an accredited educational institution.  NDs must also complete and pass board exams both internationally and provincially, before receiving their professional licensing from the College of Naturopaths of Ontario (CONO). 


Naturopathic Doctors in Ontario are regulated under the Regulated Health Practitioners Act (RHPA) alongside Medical Doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and most other health-care providers in the province. 

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