At some point in their lives, everyone struggles with something they are unable to address themselves; in essence they get ‘stuck’. Psychotherapy helps people to become ‘unstuck’. Psychotherapists are trained to be objective and non-judgemental within a confidential atmosphere. Like a sailboat navigator, the psychotherapist guides clients to steer or pursue a healthier course; but the clients are still the captain of the sailboat. Individuals who may want to consider psychotherapy include those who are:

  • Facing situations which are causing stress, anxiety and upset.
  • Experiencing feelings that seem more intense or uncomfortable than usual, or beyond your control, such as anger, sadness, fear, frustration and depression.
  • Subjected to a traumatic experience, such as sexual abuse, domestic violence, a serious accident or a criminal injury.
  • Dealing with a relationship issue, family conflict or difficult life transition, such as the death of a loved one, a life-threatening illness, divorce or separation, or a mid-life crisis.
  • With an addiction such as smoking, alcohol, drugs, sex or gambling.
  • Coping with an eating disorder.
  • Faced with difficulties in matters of gender identity, sexual orientation, racism and oppression.
  • Wishing to explore spiritual issues, questions of meaning or matters of faith.

Psychotherapy at Zawada Health offers a way to help people overcome stress, emotional issues, relationship difficulties or troublesome habits. This valuable service addresses personal challenges by providing the opportunity for clients to talk openly and confidentially about their concerns and feelings with a professionally trained individual. Clients can be seen on an individual, couple, family, or group basis for psychotherapy.