What to expect when visiting Zawada Health

Before you come to the clinic, we ask that you fill out and return the NEW PATIENT INTAKE FORMS so that both you and your therapist can have an understanding of the nature of your visit. If you are visiting a Registered Massage Therapist or our Psychotherapist, you can expect to receive treatment on the first visit. Treatments provided are specific to your individual health and will be explained before having you fill out an informed consent form.

If you are visiting one of our Naturopathic Doctors, your first visit is an initial consultation and is scheduled for one hour, so that we have ample time to understand your health concerns and health goals. When you come to the office for your first visit, be prepared to talk about yourself, your medical history, your health goals and anything else that you think is important. The second visit involves a complaint-oriented physical exam, and often treatment options and suggestions are presented to you at this time. Any subsequent visits are discussed and may involve acupuncture, diet and lifestyle counseling, botanical therapies, or several other treatments. At Zawada Health we strive to create a simple and lasting health plan that works with your personal goals and priorities.

When visiting our athletic therapist/osteopathic manual practitioner please remember to bring along a pair of shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt. Additionally, if patients can provide copies of reports and/or images of x-rays/ultra sounds/MRIs, etc, as well as a list of all current medication names and dosages.

Please make sure all forms, pertaining to your service, are downloaded and filled out prior to your appointment.

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