Upon successful completion of the program students obtain a doctorate diploma in osteopathic manual practice D.O. (MP). In Toronto, Vancouver, Nova Scotia, and Winnipeg, the program consists of 5 years of rigorous part-time clinical and academic study. This is then followed by 1-2 years of research, at then end of which the student’s research is presented to an International jury. Copies of this research are housed in libraries in Germany, Montreal, and Toronto with the Association of Traditional Osteopathic Colleges of Canada.

Any patient seeking treatment should inquire as to the training of the student or Osteopathic Manual Practitioner that he is consulting with. It is important to understand that practitioners from other institutions may not have undergone the same training, or had the same clinical supervision as those attending the CCO. In addition, not all colleges insist upon a research component, a cornerstone element that the CCO feels is crucial to becoming a well-integrated Osteopathic Manual Practitioner.